International Coordinator

Once this project coordinator position is filled, we will begin to flesh it out, just as we have done for our Literature Coordinator and Newsletter Coordinator. In the meantime, here are the relevant position details we've discussed so far:

International Coordinator:

Responsible for initiating interactions and engagement with BDA groups and members outside of the US, asking how we can support them in their recovery, development of their groups, and application of DA’s and BDA’s principles as described in DA’s and BDA’s conference-approved literature and GSB-approved service materials.


We can help connect the International coordinator with a contact on the WSC International Committee so that our International coordinator could make ongoing contact, seeking information and guidance from the WSC level of DA.


Our International coordinator would do the preparatory work that would allow BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) to plan and perform actions and initiatives related to reaching and serving international BDA groups and members. This would likely include helping to localize our DA and BDA program, but not our saleable literature, in as many countries and on as many continents as possible.


The first order of business for our International coordinator will be to pursue and gain a clear understanding of what is happening for BDA groups and members internationally today, at all service levels of DA and BDA.

NOTE: We would love to see this area of our service to the worldwide BDA fellowship grow to the point that we need several International Coordinators  just as we have described for Public Information (PI). For now, we need someone to step up and lead the charge for us to provide outreach and support to debtors and business owners in distant lands.

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