Public Information Coordinators

Once the first of these project coordinator positions are filled, we will begin to flesh them out, just as we have done for our Literature Coordinator and Newsletter Coordinator. In the meantime, here are the relevant position details we've discussed so far:

Public Information Coordinators (up to four):

Most importantly, the PI coordinators develop outreach opportunities, whether by outreach to the media, helping professionals, the general public, or other organizations. They also invite BDA members to participate in PI service, by outreach to BDA groups and members worldwide.


The PI coordinators’ primary work is through the BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) participants and volunteers. They also use their allotted financial resources wisely and ensure availability of necessary outreach materials for planned activities and events. Planning ahead and avoiding unnecessary urgency is in everyone’s best interest.

NOTE: If you are interested in performing outreach, but would prefer to focus on Hospitals, Institutions, or Prisons (HIP) or underserved populations, we will will happily work together to create additional coordinator positions and to find volunteers interested in those projects, too.

Want to suggest a new position? Please submit a proposed description.