Special Events Coordinators

Once these project coordinator positions are filled, we will begin to flesh them out, just as we have done for our Literature Coordinator and Newsletter Coordinator. In the meantime, here are the relevant position details we've discussed so far:

Special Events Coordinators (ideally two):

As an opportunity to bring our worldwide BDA fellowship together, the Special Events coordinators plan and orchestrate at least one major annual event, often as a fundraiser for our Public Information Fund. There are usually at least two or three additional Special Events or workshops, sometimes as fundraisers, sometimes not.


There is no line in our spending plan for Special Events because we want them to break even, at minimum, each year. The Special Events coordinators prepare and seek BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) approval at least two months before the proposed date of an event or workshop. Special event approval usually includes date, time, and location; focus, activity to be hosted, and name of the event; spending plan; flyer and outreach plan; and volunteer needs.


Special Events coordinators also invite BDA members to participate in service at events, by outreach to BDA groups and members worldwide. They also provide BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) approved speaker qualification guidelines to all prospective speakers and ensure that all speakers know they will be recorded, with those recordings to be uploaded to the BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) website.

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